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NOIDA being one of the most developed places in cities caters to the housing needs of a number of people. Because of widespread industrialization, the demand for houses specially for rental purposes have increased a lot over the past few years. Here are the few places where you can get cheap and affordable house for rent in noida.

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  1. Amprapalli society: this is a huge complex of multi storied of 22 floors. These houses are semi furnished which is a huge benefit because if you do not have much passion of furniture, then you can easily do with the available furniture. This naturally prevents you from spending excess money on furniture. Houses are available in the 9th floor and they are worth 19000 rupees only. These are 3BHK houses.
  2. Super tech cape town: in case you do not need 3BHK residential houses you can settle down for a smaller house which is cheaper. Houses here are available at around 13000 rupees only which is quite cheap when it comes to houses. Houses are semi furnished and thus are another advantage.
  3. 3C lotus zing: this is a place where you can get 3BHK houses at a very cheap price. The house is also centrally located which is one major advantage. These houses are completely furnished and there’s nothing more that you can ask for when you are paying only 14000 rupees for a well located and furnished house.
  4. Pan oasis: if you are looking for a rental house in a slightly posh area, then this is the place where you should look for rental houses. Houses are available at 15000 rupees only. The only disadvantage is that the houses are a few years old. But if that is not a matter of concern for you, then this is the best place that you can get for rent because not only is it cheap but also completely furnished.

While you take a house for rent in noida, make sure you have checked all the papers and legal documents carefully so that no problem occurs in the future. Also, make sure you are choosing the correct locality for you.

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